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Our Main Legal Services

Entities Corporations & LLCs

business entities corporations limited liability companies

Enjoying the protection of your personal assets along with the many tax benefits of a corporation or limited liability company may be the best choice for safety & success in your business.  

Resolving Business Disputes

resolving business disputes

Business issues, problems and disputes arise almost every day in business. Our team with both business experience [over 40 years] and legal expertise [over 20 years] will help you achieve peace, prosperity & success.

Starting Your New Business

starting a new business

Starting  a new business is a challenging endeavor for anyone. Let our team of professionals help you create the best foundation for success. The right legal advice can make all the difference for success

Commercial Leases

business commercial leases

Business commercial leases can be very complicated ... with many provisions clouded with legal jargon which can impact the success of your business. Let our team of legal professionals help you acheive the best lease for you.

Business Agreements

business agreements

In business, there are dozens of legal agreements [contracts] that create obligations and benefits for you as a business owner. With our business & legal experience, we can help you negotiate the best agreement for you.

Buy-Sell Agreements

buy sell agreements business

Buying or Selling a business is one of the most complex and exciting for anyone. There are literally dozens of business & legal issues that are critical for a successful outcome in the acquisition or transfer of a business.